School staff



r Responsibilities 


Primary Executive Lead

Mrs C Holmes

Mr G Bradley

Responsible for Pastoral Care, Teaching and Learning

Deputy Headteacher

Miss M Atwell


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Cumming


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs M Garnham


Year 2 - Woodpeckers

Miss M Hughes


Year 2 - Blackbirds



Mrs M Garnham

Mrs B Pennell


Responsibility for Maths and Music

Responsibility for Humanities

Year 2 - Doves

Mrs L Cumming

Responsibility for English and Teach First

Year 1 - Kingfishers

Miss P Locksmith

Responsibility for PSHE, Healthy Schools and R.E

Year 1 - Magpies

Miss L Beales

Responsibility for ICT

Year 1 - Swallows

Mrs L Havell

Responsibility for Science

Reception - Robins

Mrs K Sutton (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs L Havell (Thursday & Friday)


Reception - Sparrows

Mrs V Rhodes


Responsibility for Phonics

Reception -  Finches

Miss B Stoker

Responsibility for P.E


Mrs Joanna Honey  - Responsibility for Humanities

Mrs Cheryl Newell - Responsibility for Outdoor Provision and Nursery Data

Mrs A Turner - Two Years Room Leader

PPA & Management Cover

Mrs K Sutton - Responsibility for Art, D&T and R-Y1 Transition (Maths)

Home/School Family Support Worker

Mrs Amanda Mason 

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Donnachie  - Special Needs/literacy interventions

Mrs J Wilson

Class Based Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Wade

Miss H Hughes

Miss L Wyeth

Mrs C Baker

Mrs D Martin

Miss S Holloway

Ms M Peck

Mrs L Armitage - PPA (Well being mentor)

Miss A Suarez

Miss S Douglas


Mrs K Gibson - Speech & Language support EYFS

Mrs S Joseph - EAL/literacy interventions/cover support Year 2

Mrs D Hayhoe 

Miss O Valverde - Speech & Language KS1 

Mrs G Gooch

Mr S Kemp

Mrs L Sheehy

Mrs R Barker

Nursery Assistants

Mrs K Brett

Mrs C Bugg

Mrs T Stubbs

Mrs W Whitmore

Mrs T Anderton

Mrs C Sutton

Mrs P Clark

Ms D Saunders

Mrs W Smith

Mrs W Montague-Bugg

Senior Mid-day Assistant

Mrs L Cattaneo

Mid-day Assistants

Mrs K Blake

Mrs P Fry

Ms S Holloway

Mrs W Smith

Mrs P Clark

Mrs H Cook

Miss S Brothwood

Miss L Barrell

Catering Manager

Mrs L Murray

Assistant Cook

Ms C Sutcliffe

Catering Assistants

Mr A Metcalf

Miss L Wright

Finance Officer

Mrs D Ayrton


Mrs L Cantwell

Administration Assistant

Mrs J Merchant

Attendance Officer

Mr M Harvey

Site Manager

Mr D Buckingham

Mr A Metcalf


Miss L Barrell

Mrs W Smith

Ms D Sage

Mrs L Sheehy

Miss L Wyeth