About us

We are an expanding Infant and Nursery school who became a member of The Sigma Trust on 1st September 2016. We believe this enables us to plan for your child's educational journey through from 3-16 years.


 Quotes from our latest Ofsted Inspection January 2017:


 ‘Children get off to a good start in the Early Years’.

  • ‘The school is highly inclusive. Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are well supported’.
  • ‘Pupils’ social, moral and cultural development is a great strength. A strong sense of values permeates all aspects of the school’s work’.
  • ‘Pupils behave very well and make a significant and positive contribution to the warm and welcoming school community’.
  • ‘Reading is taught well. During their time at the school, the vast majority of pupils develop into competent and confident readers’.
  • ‘Teaching assistants make a good contribution to teaching and learning…………… . They add significant value to the learning experiences of pupils’.
  • ‘School leaders are highly committed to the safeguarding of children’.
  • ‘Parents are fully supportive of the school and value highly the way in which staff support pupils’ personal development and welfare’.


Times of the School Day

Gates open at 8.45am

Morning school 8.55am-12.10pm

Playtime -  Year 1 10.45am & Year 2 11.00am

Lunch  - Reception 12.00pm - 1.15pm

Year 1 12.15pm  - 1.15pm

Year 2 12.30pm - 1.30pm 

End of School Day 3.00pm


Class Organisation

Nursery - 3 Years -  Mrs C Newell/Mrs J Honey

Nursery - 2 Years - Mrs A Turner

Finches - Reception - Miss B Stoker

Robins - Reception - Mrs K Sutton & Mrs L Havell

Sparrows - Reception - Mrs V Rhodes

Magpies -Year 1 - Miss L Beales

Kingfishers -Year 1 - Miss P Locksmith

Swallows -Year 1 - Mrs L Havell

Blackbirds -Year 2 - Mrs M Garnham

Doves - Year 2 - Mrs L Cumming

Woodpeckers - Year 2 - Miss M Hughes


What we do in school? 

Most importantly we provide a safe atmosphere where children are valued: ensuring that this experience of school is a positive one. We believe that self-esteem plays a vital part in raising children's achievement. As part of this work we recognise children's effort, enthusiasm, progress and achievement. Children are rewarded with praise, stickers and certificates. We also recognise those children who maintain a caring approach to others and the environment.